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Introduction to Chat GPT from OpenAI, A New Google Competitor

An Introduction to Chat GPT App

chat gpt introduction

Because ChatGPT can write code, it also presents a problem for cybersecurity. An update addressed the issue of creating malware by stopping the request, but threat actors might find ways around OpenAI’s safety protocol. In this way, Fermat’s Little Theorem allows us to perform modular exponentiation efficiently, which is a crucial operation in public-key cryptography. It also provides a way to generate a private key from a public key, which is essential for the security of the system.

chat gpt introduction

We empower learners to acquire the most in-demand digital capabilities through actionable, hands-on and enjoyable courses & learning programs. Overall, the logo encapsulates the essence of ChatGPT as a conversational companion that is here to assist, inspire, and bring a touch of joy to your online interactions thanks to its advanced capabilities. The ChatGPT logo is a representation of the AI-powered conversations it facilitates.

OpenAI’s Story

In the early days of its release, Bing Chat was capable of some unhinged responses, but Microsoft has been quick to tame things a bit. It was recently announced that Bing Chat is using the latest GPT-4 language model, meaning it’s more powerful and accurate than ChatGPT. The new Edge Copilot mode also provides a more user-friendly way to get started, offering suggested prompts, links to learn more, and ways to tweak the kinds of answers it gives you.

It isn’t aware of world leaders that came into power since 2021, and won’t be able to answer questions about recent events. Google launched a chatbot powered by LaMDA called Bard on March 21, 2023. It’s similar to ChatGPT but benefits from having access to up-to-date information.

What is Google Bard and how does it relate to ChatGPT?

Bug bounties are a common phenomena in SaaS (Software as a service). With millions of daily users all relying on the same AI model, OpenAI had a lot to lose from a malicious bug. As a result, they pay white-hat hackers a “bounty” for discovering vulnerabilities and reporting it to the AI firm directly, before a bad actor has the chance to find and exploit it. As OpenAI ChatGPT essentially harvests information from around the web plagiarism is something to be very aware of. ChatGPT is good at avoiding direct plagiarism as it re-writes the information about a certain topic but the source might not have given permission.

chat gpt introduction

The study’s results indicate that ChatGPT’s writing style is extremely polite. And unlike humans, it cannot produce responses that include metaphors, irony, or sarcasm. Users sometimes need to reword questions multiple times for ChatGPT to understand their intent.

ChatGPT Tutorial Chat GPT Explained What is Chat GPT ? Edureka

Whichever side of the fence you’re on, there’s no denying that OpenAI, through talent, funding and sheer will have created arguably the first signs of conscious computer intelligence. In lamens terms, think of the amount of data and parameters as human knowledge in digital form. And restructuring the company in a way that allowed investment but capped investor profits to avoid power struggles, was the best move forward. 2019 was also the same year that OpenAI transitioned to a for-profit company with a “capped-profit” structure under OpenAI LP. This period culminated with the release of a research paper – Improving Langauge Understanding by Generative Pre-Training –  that would introduce the world to OpenAI’s first GPT model.

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